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Beverly Graham, 47, Clinton, Operation Sack Lunch

Sunday, June 30, 2002 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific
Jack Broom

Of the nearly 1,000 people honored by The Giraffe Project, more than 80 have been Washington-state residents, including Beverly Graham, who couldn't stop thinking about the hungry in downtown Seattle.

On the sidewalks of downtown Seattle, Graham saw it every day people with no place to sleep and nothing to eat.

Those images haunted her after she had a debilitating multiple-sclerosis attack, her first experience with the disease.

First, the former nightclub singer and competitive bodybuilder felt sorry for herself, then her thoughts turned to people much less equipped to handle a crisis. "What if something happens to those folks I saw digging food out of garbage cans?"

Starting as "The Lunch Lady" in 1989, Graham (no relation to The Giraffe Project President John Graham) handed out about 30 sandwiches once a week. Her efforts evolved into Operation Sack Lunch, serving about 3,500 meals a week outside the Public Safety Building.

"If you don't contribute," she said. "You're not doing the job you were put on Earth to do." See

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