More MS news articles for July 2002

Cannabis drug trial application to be re-submitted

25 June 2002

An application to fund a study of long-term follow-up of participants in the clinical trial of cannabis derived drugs is to be re-submitted to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

This follows talks between the Society and Dr John Zajicek of Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, the consultant leading the Cannabinoids in Multiple Sclerosis (CAMS) trial.

Sharon Haffenden, the Society's director of research and services, said, "Dr Zajicek has agreed to revise those aspects of the methodology of the application submitted to the Society which were of concern to our research panel. For our part, we are making arrangements to review the revised application as soon as possible after it is received.

"We very much hope this will resolve the situation which has arisen. We have to strike the right balance between the interests of people with MS involved in the trial and the need to establish the efficacy and long-term safety of the drugs."

The CAMS trial was funded by the MRC in 1999 and is expected to be completed in Spring 2003 as anticipated.