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Tips for Living with MS

Written by & for people with Multiple Sclerosis
MS Research Trust

This booklet is just one part of a very exciting project, which has involved thousands of people who, like us, have MS. Back in September 1999, we launched a campaign on behalf of the MS Research Trust, in response to the government's announcement that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), would look at the treatments beta interferon and glatiramer acetate. It was to be decided whether or not these treatments would be provided on the NHS for people with MS.

Following a number of newspaper articles, radio interviews and a newspaper advert to publicise the campaign, several thousand people requested a questionnaire. In it, we asked people to tell us what they really think about these treatments, and many other aspects of living with MS, so that we could pass on their views directly to NICE. We also invited them to offer tips for others with MS, and this is where this booklet fits in.

In total, 2,599 questionnaires were completed and returned, making it then the largest ever survey of people with MS.The responses were analysed, put into a report, and sent to NICE at the beginning of February 2000.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to complete a questionnaire and we hope that you find this booklet useful. It is not an exhaustive list of tips and advice, but it has been written by and for people with MS. Many of the tips may not apply to you, but we hope that there is something useful for everybody.

Cathy Dowsett
Graham Smith


Your friends and family can be an excellent source of help and support. Don't forget that they'll be worried about the MS as well as you. Here are some ideas about how to deal with the people around you:-

Tips & Advice...


Coping strategies are to do with your emotional wellbeing, and how to keep on top of MS mentally. An overwhelming number of you said that thinking positively was the most important advice they could give, but here are some other things to consider:-

Tips & Advice...


Exercise is really important for people with MS. It can help to keep you strong, supple and mobile. Many of those who filled in our questionnaire said 'use it or lose it'! Here are some of the other pieces of advice that were suggested:-

Tips & Advice...


It is really important for people with MS to ensure that they get plenty of rest to conserve energy. Don't fight tiredness, but listen to your body when it feels fatigued:-

Tips & Advice...


Making the most of what is often the short time that you spend with your GP, neurologist, nurse or other healthcare professional is really important for both your physical and emotional wellbeing. These tips are all about dealing with the medical profession effectively:-

Tips & Advice...


Many of the symptoms of MS can be treated really effectively. Here is some advice about treatments that people found useful:-

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It is generally thought that the healthier you are, the better your body will be at coping with MS. Many people really believe that changing their diet has brought about improvements to their symptoms:-

Tips & Advice...

LEISURE & TRAVEL (if mobility is a problem)

Don't feel that because you have MS, you can't get out and about. Here are some suggestions for how to make the most of leisure and travel:-

Tips & Advice...


Don't forget that there are special legal and financial provisions designed to help you. Benefits and eligibility are ever changing. This page includes some tips to help you to find out exactly what your legal and financial entitlements are:-

Tips & Advice...


Sometimes, it's the little things to help with everyday activities that can make a real difference to living with MS. Here are some ways of making things easier on a daily basis:-

Tips & Advice...


Everyday household activities are often taken for granted. We received lots of really simple but useful techniques that can make many household tasks much easier:-

Tips & Advice...


There are a number of different alternative therapies that have been suggested by others with MS because they have found them useful. Some of these include:-


The MS Research Trust is a charity which has been working since 1993 to provide help and information to people with MS and their friends and families, from the time of diagnosis. It has three main objectives:

1. To provide positive and realistic information to people with MS, their family and friends, and health professionals

2. To fund research which will help people with MS manage their disease, developing therapies and strategies needed to help people cope with MS today

3. To promote MS Nurses - encouraging the development of MS nursing through education, information and communication

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