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BMJ 2002;324:1501 ( 22 June )
Badal Pal, consultant rheumatologist.

Primary care
10-minute consultation
This is part of a series of occasional articles on common problems in primary care
Withington Hospital, Room 10, Home 4, Manchester M20 2LR

A woman of 45 comes to you with tingling ("pins and needles") and numbness in the fingers and hands. It has been getting gradually worse for about three months.

Phalen's investigations for paraesthesia in fingers and hand

If you suspect:

What issues you should cover Useful reading

Pal B, Morris J, Keenan J, Mangion P. Management of idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome (ICTS): a survey of rheumatologists' practice and proposed guidelines. Br J Rheumatol 1997;36:1328-30.

Helliwell PS. The elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. Baillieres Best Practice and Research in Clinical Rheumatology 1999;13:311-28.

What you should do

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