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Therapeutic vaccines: realities of today and hopes for the future

Drug Discov Today 2002 Jun 15;7(12):664-673
Sela M, Arnon R, Schechter B.
Dept of Immunology, Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100, tel: +972 8 934 4021, fax: +972 8 946 9713, Rehovot, Israel

Vaccines are by definition prophylactic, but in recent years an interest has developed in therapeutic vaccines for infectious diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis, as well as gastric ulcers, cancer (with different approaches to combat various types of malignancy) and autoimmune diseases (a definite success was the development of a vaccine against multiple sclerosis) and there are potential vaccines in development for myasthenia gravis, lupus and diabetes.

Therapeutic vaccines are also being developed against cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, prion diseases and Huntington's disease.

All of these efforts are based on the therapeutic vaccine being closely related chemically to the etiological agent that causes the disease.