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Living with multiple sclerosis: a Roy adaptation model-based study

Nurs Sci Q 2002 Jul;15(3):230-6
Gagliardi BA, Frederickson K, Shanley DA.
Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, Newark, USA.

This Roy adaptation model-based study examined how people make sense of the experience of living with multiple sclerosis.

Eighteen persons diagnosed with multiple sclerosis participated in three interviews over a period of 1 year.

Content analysis of the interview transcripts and the researcher's logs and analytic memos yielded five recurring themes that reflect the Roy model adaptive modes: we're not completely the same (physiological mode), how I view my future (self-concept mode), let me tell you about my feelings (self-concept mode), how I see work (role function mode), and let me tell you about my life (interdependence mode).