More MS news articles for July 2001

Skydiving Siobhan raises cash for fellow MS sufferers

Issue Date : Mon July 23rd 01
Bill Corcoran

MULTIPLE sclerosis sufferer Siobhan Hartigan and her doctor took a walk on the wild side yesterday ... out of a plane at 10,000ft.

The 120mph plunge was aimed at raising awareness and money for sufferers of the debilitating disease.

Dr Rory O'Connor advises and treats Siobhan on MS-related issues and they share the lure of the skies.

For Siobhan its much more than that, however.

Explained the 37-year-old Dubliner: "When I found out I had MS I was told I'd have to stop doing many of the things I love to do in life. I was told to stop living.

"Skydiving gives you a real zest for life."

The drop took place above the Irish Parachute Club in Co Offaly. There was only one problem for Siobhan after she and instructor Padraig Costello landed. "It was the most amazing sensation. Only problem is, I'm now back on the ground. I can't help it I just love going fast."