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Pediatrics Group Advocates Stem Cell Research

WASHINGTON (Reuters Health) Jul 13 - The American Academy of Pediatrics said on Friday that it supports federal funding for stem cell research using human embryos but opposes creation of embryos specifically to harvest the cells.

The controversy over federal funding for stem cell research, expected to be decided by President Bush soon, was fueled earlier this week when scientists at the privately funded Jones Institute for Reproductive Research said they had created embryos from volunteer donors of eggs and sperm specifically to harvest the cells.

The pediatricians' group said in a statement that it "favored federal funding for research using donated frozen embryos produced during the process of in vitro fertilization that would otherwise be discarded by the individual or couple." However, "the Academy does not support the creation of embryos for research," it added.

The statement, which was sent as a letter to Bush and key members of Congress, also called for the creation of a federal oversight committee to ensure ethical guidelines are followed in stem cell research.

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