More MS news articles for July 2001

Association of a CA repeat polymorphism upstream of the Fas ligand gene with multiple sclerosis.

J Neuroimmunol 2001 Jun 1;116(2):238-41

Zayas MD, Lucas M, Solano F, Fernandez-Perez MJ, Izquierdo G

Servicio de Biologia Molecular, Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena, Avda. Dr. Fedriani s/n, 41009, Sevilla, Spain

We have analyzed a CA repeat polymorphism localized 46-kb upstream of the Fas ligand gene in Spanish and American populations that include 139 healthy controls and a cohort of 177 unrelated relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.

The MS patients consisted of two groups, one with a family history of MS and one without.

The frequency of the 13 CA repeats (allele B) was lower (p=0.01) in MS patients than in controls, 0.45 and 0.55 respectively.

The odds ratio (BB vs. AB/AA) for MS patients vs. healthy controls was 0.51 (95% CI 0.3-0.9; p=0.01).

The odds ratio (BB vs. AB/AA) for MS patients extracted from multiply affected families vs. healthy controls was 0.22 (95% CI 0.07-0.62; p=0.002).

The HLA DRB1*1501-DQB1*0602 haplotype is associated with B allele with a relative frequency higher than A allele (0.52 and 0.48 in patients vs. 0.68 and 0.32 in controls).

The results suggest that chromosomes with B allele have a genetic background that reduces susceptibility to MS, particularly in the familial forms.

PMID: 11438180, UI: 21331907