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Vietnam vet receives medals

Sunday July 09 08:47 AM EDT
By Andrea Widener , TIMES STAFF WRITER

Archie Stanley can't stand at attention to receive the five shiny medals for faithful service.

He can't give an impassioned speech about his Navy days during the Vietnam War.

But after 30 years of waiting, Stanley can beam with pride at the medals lying on his thin chest and at the family and friends surrounding his hospital bed, where he has spent the last year bedridden with multiple sclerosis.

"He is such a good man, and he is very proud of his Navy record. That is why he was so interested in getting the medals," says his friend, Bonnie Sharp, who dug through the military bureaucracy to get Stanley his award. "There are so many vets out there that never get their awards."

Stanley is a Pleasanton boy, born and raised. He was still a boy when he went to Vietnam in 1967, shortly after graduating from Amador High School.