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Sites offer loads of low-carb advice

Site-Seeing with Jan Perry

Usually the e-mail I get suggests a topic for the column or asks for help in finding sites about a particular subject. This time, Diana Bauer (author of ''Celebrate Low Carb'' and the editor of sent in so many good sites and descriptions I decided to let her guest-write today's column. The Green Township resident invites anyone with questions to contact her at CarbSmart, the online low-carb store for which I am the editor, offers a large selection of low-carbohydrate products. The best all-around noncommercial low-carbohydrate site is The Lowcarb Retreat. The site author, Lee Rogers, is a veteran low-carber. Lee offers links for those people suffering from fibromyalgia, candida, multiple sclerosis, thyroid diseases, obstructive sleep apnea, hypoglycemia, scleroderma and other diseases and disorders. For vegetarians and those suffering from autoimmune diseases, Cyndi Norman's site is wonderful. Cyndi suffers from some auto-immune diseases, extreme chemical sensitivity, and has a number of allergies. Another good page for allergy sufferers and those with a variety of auto-immune diseases and disorders is the Paleolithic Diet Page (known as the Caveman Diet or Hunter/Gatherer Diet). The site author, Ray Audette, cured his rheumatoid arthritis and has completely controlled his diabetes through this much stricter version of low-carbohydrate dieting. He is the author of ''Neanderthin'' and was recently featured on ABC's ''20/20.'' Low-carbohydrate eating can be of amazing benefit to diabetics. I have spoken to hundreds who have been able to reduce their medications or stop their insulin injections entirely through low-carbohydrate eating. (All this is done under a doctor's supervision, of course.) This site has wonderful information. The author, Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, is himself a diabetic. A new low-carbohydrate recipe site, Carb-Lite, just came on line and has a large selection of recipes. Tony Blakemore, the site author, is known as ''The Aussie Gourmet.'' Dr. Robert C. Atkins wrote the book (literally) on this topic years before anyone else.

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Publication date: 07-19-00