Multiple Sclerosis News for July 2000

31st Jul 2000:    Copaxone Study for PPMS

29th Jul 2000:    MS Bash 2000

29th Jul 2000:    Some online support group users fake illness

29th Jul 2000:    Take Advantage of your Vote!

29th Jul 2000:    NMSS on Marijuana

28th Jul 2000:    Unmasking sub-clinical lesions

25th Jul 2000:    Epstein-Barr virus indirectly involved in MS

25th Jul 2000:    Heterogeneity of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions

25th Jul 2000:    A decade of accessibility

25th Jul 2000:    Harris Poll/PwDisabilities

25th Jul 2000:    Chronic Pain Conference

25th Jul 2000:    Illness/Creativity

24th Jul 2000:    Gene Type/Severity of MS

24th Jul 2000:    Genes/Cows/MS

24th Jul 2000:    Cowboy Receives "Man of the Year" Award

24th Jul 2000:    Candidates are listening/Bush Gore tout plans

23rd Jul 2000:   Disabled Activists Bring Traffic to Halt

23rd Jul 2000:   Fund Manager w/MS

23rd Jul 2000:   Cycle Ride for MS

23rd Jul 2000:   Physical Rehab Improves Quality of Life for PwMS

22nd Jul 2000:  Richard Pryor: Alive and in concert with 9-CD set

21st Jul 2000:   Herbs and prescriptions can make a risky mixture

21st Jul 2000:   Cannabis Club/Federal Judge

21st Jul 2000:   Dutch/Euthanasia/Children

21st Jul 2000:   New View of Neurodegenerative Diseases

21st Jul 2000:   Glial Cells/Communication

21st Jul 2000:   Rebif Sales Double

21st Jul 2000:   Female Golfer w/MS

21st Jul 2000:   PWMS/Newt's Ex

21st Jul 2000:   Low Carb Websites

21st Jul 2000:   Poet w/MS

21st Jul 2000:   PWMS/Olympic Torch

20th Jul 2000:   Why is Beta Interferon being banned?

19th Jul 2000:   Debunking Health Myths - Aspartame

19th Jul 2000:   Court tosses out fraud charges against healer

19th Jul 2000:   Dirty laundry

18th Jul 2000:   Medical users get marijuana ID cards

18th Jul 2000:   Antibodies May Hold Key To Sjogren's syndrome

15th Jul 2000:   Settlement in abuse case

14th Jul 2000:   Patients fine tune rights bill

13th Jul 2000:   UK/Beta/Quality of Life

13th Jul 2000:   UK/Med MJ

13th Jul 2000:   Respiratory Tract Infection Linked to Multiple Sclerosis

13th Jul 2000:   Neuregulin-2 Growth Factor

12th Jul 2000:   New Aisle Chair

12th Jul 2000:   Disabled Games

12th Jul 2000:   BBC on PharmacoEconomics Report

11th Jul 2000:   US/House Votes To Ban FDA From Blocking Drug Imports

11th Jul 2000:   UK/Betaseron Cheaper Than Care

10th Jul 2000:   A Body With a Mind of Its Own

10th Jul 2000:   The Man Who Fixes Brains

10th Jul 2000:   NCD Report on ADA

10th Jul 2000:   PWMS/Nam Vet Receives Medals

10th Jul 2000:   PWMS/Victim of Double Suicide

7th Jul 2000:     Druginfo Database

7th Jul 2000:     Brain Might Be Able To Repair Itself

6th Jul 2000:     More On Scorpion Venom

6th Jul 2000:     Dutch/Euthanasia

6th Jul 2000:     ADA/Pain in the Back

6th Jul 2000:     Genetic Key, GSK-3 beta

6th Jul 2000:     More On Genetic Key

6th Jul 2000:     The Hygiene Hypothesis

5th Jul 2000:     Drug/Scorpion Venom

5th Jul 2000:     Viagra May Help Women

5th Jul 2000:     Autoimmune Diseases

5th Jul 2000:     Pharmacogenomics

4th Jul 2000:     The Tau Of Multiple Sclerosis

4th Jul 2000:     Multiple Sclerosis May Slow Thinking

4th Jul 2000:     Cannabis Research

2nd Jul 2000:    Sexual Response drug, Sildenafil, works for Women

2nd Jul 2000:    Another article on the NICE review of their methods

2nd Jul 2000:    Experimental Treatment for MS variant

2nd Jul 2000:    ReNeuron to Begin Trials of Immortal Stem Cells

1st Jul 2000:     Belinda shakes things up for Rockies

1st Jul 2000:     Soothing spasticity

1st Jul 2000:     Paralyzed Look to the Governor of California

1st Jul 2000:     Society urges MS patients to stick with medications