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Supermodel Emme to Guest Host Special Episode of The Montel Williams Show

Montel Becomes Featured Guest on His Signature Talkshow to Reveal His Battle With Depression After MS Diagnosis

Thursday January 8, 2004
Source: The Montel Williams Show
New York

On Tuesday, January 13, 2004, for the first time in the 13-year history of his top-rated signature talkshow, host Montel Williams will relinquish his duties as host of The Montel Williams Show. E! personality and supermodel Emme will guest host for an emotional hour in which Montel chronicles his personal journey and challenge to battle the depression following his diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which he documents in his new book Climbing Higher (NAL). Emme's father suffered from MS, she has appeared with Montel on previous programs devoted to the illness, and is an advocate for those who battle the disease.

Mr. Williams commented, "When it comes to this disease, I thought that maybe I should put myself in the 'hot seat' and be interviewed for the first time, so I asked Emme to come here and interview me ... today I'll be the guest on my own show."

Five years ago, Montel Williams announced to the public that he had been diagnosed with MS; "I suffer everyday. I wrote this book because I want people to understand that there are people like myself that may be suffering from cancer, to depression, to MS ... and sometimes they may suffer in silence because they are just so afraid."

Montel goes on to reveal, "I went around for the last four years slipping in and out of depression. I would have cherished the opportunity to have the nerve to blow my brains out. In March of 1999, I sat in my closet ... the pain was so bad. I wanted it to stop. The only thing that made me stop from pulling that trigger at that moment was the thought of the possibility of my children finding me in that closet ... the possibility of my children knowing that their Dad did this. Even now, I have not discussed this with my kids. I am now going to go home and talk to them and say 'yeah, you know, Dad's not perfect.'"

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