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A Reluctant Memoir by Richard M. Cohen

January 30, 2004
Richard M. Cohen
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The noted journalist, Richard Cohen, who is also the husband of TV personality Meredith Vieira of The View and Millionaire, has a book entitled "Blindsided" published by HarperCollins that has just been released to a flurry of media attention. Richard has multiple sclerosis and has also had a bout with colon cancer.

According to Publisher's Weekly, the book is a wrenching memoir telling how Richard has succeeded over the past 30 years in his determination to "cope and to hope."

Some of the publicity expected includes: a 20/20 segment in which Rosalind Kalb was interviewed and a People Magazine article both on January 30th. The week of February 1st he is scheduled to be on The View, Larry King, Paula Zahn show on CNN, WNYC radio with Leonard Lopate, NPR's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross and the Charlie Rose show. The New York Times will run something in the Science section and the New York Times book section will review his work as well.

We are grateful to Richard and Meredith for their support of the work of the Society. Richard produces a monthly webcast with the New York City Chapter that features the country's most highly-regarded MS specialists and researchers discussing the latest topics of import in the field of multiple sclerosis. This month the topic is "Coping with MS" with Rosalind Kalb, PhD, Director of the Society's Professional Resource Center. The segment explores many of the more "subjective" issues around coping with MS such as disclosure and talking about MS to children.

Richard has participated in the MS Walks, and with Meredith and his family, welcomed and congratulated Society top teams at the walk brunches. He has also worked with our MS Care Centers to explore innovative approaches to treatment and disease management and helped the Society strategize on our communication outreach.

Meredith, on her part, is on the board of the New York City Chapter and is a regular participant in their Dinner of Champions. She has also graciously hosted the Society's Books for a Better Life program for the last three years.

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For more information on the New York City Chapter's monthly webcasts, visit "Spotlight on MS"

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