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T*ts out for multiple sclerosis

Friday 9th January 2004
Ananova Ltd

A Somerset woman who suffers from multiple sclerosis is raising money to fight the condition by posing topless on the internet.

Under the banner "Tits out for multiple sclerosis", Vix, from Glastonbury urges visitors to her VixPix website to donate to the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre.

The centre's own website features a banner ad for VixPix in return and thanks her for her "outstanding effort".

Vix says she got the idea after winning £10 for a multiple sclerosis charity by flashing her boobs in a pub.

She said: "When I am next in my local pub, the landlord watches me deposit the £10 note into the collection box on the bar.

"My partner has a thoughtful look and when I ask why, he tells me: "We could be on to something with this." So we decide to raise awareness of this illness and have a little fun in doing so."

Since its inception just one week ago, VixPix has received more than 1,000 hits per day and raised a modest £35.

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