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January 13, 2004
Liz Smith

'I will say that Elvis and I did not have sex!"

That's Teri Garr, discussing - at the Palm Springs Film Festival - her in-the- works autobiography. This is being published by Penguin, and Teri gets a writing assist from her pal Harriett Mantel.

When is it due? "In June" the great comic actress says warily. "June?" "Yes, yes, June!" Teri says, looking panic- stricken. (I know the feeling - I'm in the midst of another book myself.)

The star reveals, "I will dish the dirt throughout ... stories from the set and garbage like that. It won't be a poison- pen thing, like Julia Phillips' 'You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again,' but it will be very entertaining, I'll say that."

The title? "Actually," says Teri who battles multiple sclerosis, "I was going to call it, 'Does This Wheelchair Make Me Look Fat?' but I'm not in a wheelchair, so I'm still searching for a title."

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