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Angiogenesis in multiple sclerosis: is it good, bad or an epiphenomenon?

J Neurol Sci. 2004 Feb 15; 217(2): 125-30
Kirk S, Frank JA, Karlik S.
Department of Pathology, University of Western Ontario, Ontario, London, Canada

Characteristic pathological features of multiple sclerosis (MS) include inflammation, demyelination and axonal and oligodendrocyte loss.

In addition, lesions can also have a significant vascular component.

In this review, morphological, biochemical and radiological evidence is presented suggesting angiogenesis as a potential focus for investigation in MS.

We hypothesize that angiogenesis plays a significant role in the MS lesion, perpetuating disease progression.

Thus, treatment strategies that inhibit angiogenesis may decrease clinical and pathological signs of disease.

Several approaches for testing this hypothesis are outlined.