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Couple to the rescue

Jan 9 2004
The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
WHEN a blind and disabled man lost his wallet containing £400 he thought his sunshine holiday was ruined.

But he reckoned without the honesty of Huddersfield holidaymakers Julia Davies and Mark Devoti.

The couple found the wallet in a Lanzarote street and kept it safe - then returned it to the home of 41-year-old former Army man Steve Finlay when he returned from the holiday isle.

Steve, of Cambridge, a former sergeant, never expected to get the wallet - which also contained his bank and credit cards - back again.

But Julia and Mark, of Fixby, posted back the wallet and a cheque for all the money, to make it even safer.

Father-of-three Steve, who has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair, said: "I was convinced the cash had gone.

"But when I got home it was waiting there. The man who found it even apologised for looking through it for clues as to the owner."

Steve sent a bouquet and a reward to Julia and Mark, but they gave half the money to charity and returned the rest.

Mark, 36, said: "We were on our way to a bar in Costa Teguese when I saw the wallet. We looked for the owner but could find no-one.

"There were bank cards and medical details of the owner, but all our efforts to find him were fruitless.

"We thought how awful it would be to lose £400.

"We found contact numbers for the UK and left messages, but there was no response. But the minute we got home we sent it recorded delivery.

"It's nice to help."

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