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I'm Parking Mad At Fines

Jan 27, 2004
Paula Murray
The Daily Record

A DISABLED driver is being chased for £1000 in unpaid fines for a car he sold 10 months ago. Brian Hamilton, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, received the first of eight parking tickets a month after he sold his F-reg Ford Granada for £250.

He even has a letter from the DVLA confirming he sold the car weeks before the first ticket was issued.

But the 40-year-old, of Ruther glen, near Glasgow, thought the tickets were a mistake and didn't realise anything was wrong until he got a call from the DVLA asking about unpaid road tax.

Brian said: ''I posted the details of the sale the day it happened. But it turned out the DVLA had not received it.

''I couldn't believe it. But I was told the details would be updated immediately and I thought that was it.

''If it had been just one ticket, I would not have minded. But there are eight tickets in total that I know of.

''Some of them are for illegal parking, others are for not having valid road tax.

''I get the road tax disc for free because of my disability. There's no reason why I wouldn't display it.

''I am not responsible for any of the tickets and don't think I should be paying for them.

''But I've been told unless I can provide the name and address of the new owner, it's up to me to foot the bill. I sold the car privately to an English couple.

''But I don't know if they gave me the right details or not or if they still own it.''

Brian said he has written dozens of letters to Glasgow Council disputing the tickets. But even with the proof from the DVLA, the claims have been passed on to a debt collecting agency.

He added: ''Four of the tickets stand at £150 each. And there are another four that I don't know too much about.

''But I believe the total amount is close to £1000. That's a lot of money. And I don't know if there are more tickets to come.

''I'm really getting fed up with it all. What do I need to do to prove this car's got nothing to do with me any more?''

A spokesman for the city council said: ''As far as we know, he still was the owner and is responsible for the tickets.''

But the DVLA said they sent a letter to Brian confirming the sale date as March 17, 2003, and added: ''If there are any more problems, Mr Hamilton should ask the people to get in touch with us.''

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