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Dog's Over-The-Counter Payment Refused By Coffee Shop

No Paws Allowed On Counter

January 13, 2004
10 NBC

A wheelchair-bound York woman who has multiple sclerosis says a local coffee shop is being unfair because it will not let her service dog put its feet on the counter to pay for her food.

Lori Buffington wants the dog to be permitted to put its paws on the counter and hand her money pouch to the cashier. She says the shop's refusal thwarts her attempts to maintain her independence.

But Debi Forster, a co-owner of Sparky & Clark's coffee shop, says allowing the pooch to put its paws on the counter is unsanitary and could cost the shop its food license.

Forster says service dogs are welcome in the shop and that she has even offered to have the cashier go around the counter to collect Buffington's money without having to touch the dog.

Donna Pinkham, spokeswoman for the state Agriculture Department, which oversees health permits for restaurants, agreed that a restaurant could fail an inspection if an inspector sees a dog on the counter.

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