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Cheap, multi-appliance controller for disabled

January, 2004

SRS Technology Group has launched SRS Lite, the first multifunctional personal environmental controller that provides the combination of remote control of domestic appliances, activation of community alarms and basic communication aid functionality in a single compact portable device. The SRS Lite is designed for use by the physically disabled, including those with Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Injuries, Motor Neuron Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis and the mobility impaired elderly, to enhance independence and improve lifestyle.

Catering for light demand users the SRS Lite complements the SRS 100, which the company has been selling for heavier demand users since 2001, with more than 60 NHS organizations already purchasing. SRS believes that there is a large market for the SRS Lite among the physically disabled and the elderly. In the UK alone, the number of physically disabled and elderly exceed 1 million and 9 million respectively.

The SRS Lite features:

* A modern and innovative design format that is both attractive in appearance and practical for ease of use

* Wireless control (via infrared and radio communication) of domestic appliances such as home entertainment systems like TV/Hi-Fi/video, lights, telephone, doors, curtains and windows

* Radio operation of community alarms

* Full user customisation via programming for up to 65 functions and 25 telephone numbers sufficient to meet the requirements of the majority of users

* Easy operation using clear picture press buttons or a range of plug-in switches for the less able

* Voice announcement via built in speaker or headphones to confirm selection or aid personal communication

* Simple installation

* An affordable price

SRS has already received orders and commenced shipment of the SRS Lite to the NHS where more than 75% of demand is for light use products. The company has also started to ship the SRS Lite to its international resellers in Europe. In addition the company has entered into discussion for supply of the SRS Lite with UK local authorities running home control programmes, housing associations and residential care home organizations, a sector which the company believes will afford significant growth opportunity in the future. The company plans to expand its reseller network to exploit this opportunity.

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