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Multiple sclerosis sufferer's life made a bit easier

Woman wins foundation grant for washer and dryer

Friday, January 3, 2003
By Lou Whitmire
News Journal

Patricia Uhde faces a brighter tomorrow thanks to a grant and a new way to do her laundry.

The Mansfield woman last year wrote an essay to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. In late November, she learned she was one of 127 winners to receive a Brighter Tomorrow Grant from the foundation.

The grant is an award of up to $1,000 to provide goods or services that will improve the recipient's quality of life. Applicants must be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and must have no other means of fulfilling the need expressed.

More than 500 applicants submitted essays through the summer and fall.

Uhde, 50, said in her essay she needed a compact, portable washer and dryer to fit in her new apartment. The foundation provided it for her.

The Mansfield woman, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1993, said this week her new washer/ dryer combo is wonderful.

Uhde, who in December moved into an apartment in the Voegele Building at 211 N. Main St., said the luxury appliance operates on the same principle as a dishwasher, washing and drying clothes all from one unit.

Uhde said 2003 is going to be a good year. She loves her new apartment, which she calls "a hidden treasure in inner city Mansfield." It features 13-foot high ceilings in her kitchen. She said her new washer-dryer unit fits perfectly in her new place.

Uhde said Ann Gasser of the local office of the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation made her aware of the multiple sclerosis Web site.

"I was in a good mood when I wrote the essay on the Internet," she said. "I guess it showed."

Uhde, who is on disability, said she can't thank the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation enough. She said she also wanted to thank the Independent Living Center, which provided her with funds to pay movers.

"I'm just happy with the whole situation and this wonderful apartment," she said.

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