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A system architecture for genomic data analysis

In Silico Biol 2002;2(3):207-211
Glass A, Gierl L.
University of Rostock, Faculty of Medicine, Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry Rembrandt-Str. 16 / 17, D - 18055 Rostock

Most of diseases are caused by a set of gene defects, which occur in a complex association.

The association scheme of expressed genes can be modelled by genetic networks.

Genetic networks are efficiently facilities to understand the dynamic of pathogenic processes by modelling molecular reality of cell conditions.

In this sense a genetic network consists of first, a set of genes of specified cells, tissues or species and second, causal relations between these genes determining the functional condition of the biological system, i. e. under disease.

A relation between two genes will exist if they both are directly or indirectly associated with disease [Oliver, 2000].

Our goal is to characterize diseases (especially autoimmune diseases like chronic pancreatitis CP, multiple sclerosis MS, rheumatoid arthritis RA) by genetic networks generated by a computer system.

We want to introduce this practice as a bioinformatic approach for finding targets.