All About Multiple Sclerosis

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Symptomatic treatment of multiple sclerosis

Rev Neurol 2002 Dec 16-31;35(12):1141-53
Ayuso Peralta L, De Andres C.
Hospital Universitario Principe de Asturias, Alcala de Henares, Espa a.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disorder which affects middle aged adults.

It usually means serious physical, psychological, social and employment problems for the patients concerned.

From the anatomo pathological point of view, it is characterized by demyelination and axon damage in the central nervous system.

The clinical features are variable, depending on the course of the disease, its clinical form and the sites of the lesions.

Symptoms may appear in bouts, as relapses of the disorder or as a result of incomplete recovery from these episodes and cause severe disability.

In this chapter we review the physiopathology and most widely used treatment for management of the commonest symptoms of multiple sclerosis.