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Multiple Sclerosis Society announces TRAM route

14th Jan, 2003
Joshua Dixon
The Redwood Gazzette

TRAM, The Ride Across Minnesota, will pass through Redwood Falls for the sixth time in ten years this summer.

Nearly 1,300 bike riders are expected to pass through town for a night in late July, raising money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Minnesota Chapter.

"This is a chance for us to put our best foot forward," said Beth Anderson, Executive Director of the Redwood Falls Chamber of Tourism.

The Chamber is currently starting the process of organizing the local arrangements. A lot of the work will be volunteer, and anyone who wishes to pitch in is welcome.

The bike riders will start in Ortonville on July 28, and wind up in Faribault on August 1. For their night in Redwood Falls, the Chamber will have to organize a hospitality booth, bus routes to ferry the riders around town, first aid, a secure place to store the bikes, meals, and housing, with back-up housing in case of rain.

Every year, TRAM takes a somewhat different route, and doesn't always make it to Redwood. However, talks with riders confirm that Redwood is one of their favorite stops.

"In 1996, I had a great crew," said Anderson, who supervised the doings that year. "I hope to get a lot of them back," she added.

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