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Nova Scotia premier says marijuana should be treated like other pain-relief drugs

Dec. 23, 2002
Canadian Press
New Glasgow, N.S.

Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm says he'd like to see marijuana treated like other drugs used to treat people suffering acute pain. Canadians have to apply for a formal medical exemption before they are legally permitted to use pot.

Hamm said in an interview Monday that marijuana should not be regulated any differently than medications such as morphine or dilaudid. Those drugs are available when a doctor prescribes them. "If it has medical benefits and it is apparent now that it does, then it should be handled the way we handle any other medication that comes on the market," he said.

He said some prescription drugs can be castastrophic on the street, but very useful when prescribed to medicate pain.

"They should remain available to those with those kinds of illnesses."

The premier also says he agrees with plans to decriminalize marijuana.

He says pot shouldn't be legalized, but people who possess small amounts should not be classified as criminals.

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