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Serono denies 2nd Rebif patient has liver transplant

AFX Europe; Jan 28, 2002

ZURICH (AFX) - Rumours that a second patient treated with Serono SA's multiple sclerosis (MS) drug Rebif has had to undergo a liver transplant are incorrect, said spokesman Nick Miles.

The speculation caused the price of Serono's share to tumble 79 sfr or 5.6 pct to close at 1,341 today.

"An SG Cowen analyst note speculates that a second patient taking Rebif has had to undergo a liver transplant. That is wrong," Miles said.

The note also speculated that the supposed case might lead the US FDA to increase its caution on the approval and labelling for high-dose Rebif, Miles said.

Only one patient simultaneously taking Rebif and the anti-depressant Serzone has been forced to have a liver transplant, he said.

Serzone is known to cause hepatic failures, so it is impossible to determine whether it was Serzone or Rebif that was at fault, he said.

Serono still expects Rebif to be approved by the US FDA by mid-2002, he said.


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