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Interferon beta-1b May Prevent Cognitive Deterioration

Jan 25, 2002
In addition to its ability to reduce the relapse rates and slow disease progression, interferon beta-1b may also reduce the mental deterioration in patients with MS, according to new research.

The study comprised 23 patients with relapsing-remitting MS and a group of controls matched for neurological disability.

Researchers used several cognitive tests to assess patients' verbal learning, delayed recall, visual learning and recall, attention, concentration and verbal fluency. Assessments were performed at the beginning of the study and after one year of treatment with interferon beta-1b.

Overall, 74 percent of treated patients completed the study.

Attention, concentration as well as visual learning and recall improved significantly among patients treated with interferon beta-1b. In addition, there was no deterioration in the other assessments performed.

In the control group, attention, verbal fluency as well as visual learning and recall deteriorated significantly. No deterioration in the other assessments was observed.

Investigators reported their findings in the January issue of European Neurology.
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