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Radiologe 2001 Nov;41(11):968-75
Spitzer C, Krings T, Block F.
Neurologische Klinik, Universitatsklinikum Aachen, Pauwelsstr. 30, 52057 Aachen.

Myelitis is defined as inflammatory disease of the spinal cord irrespective of the underlying aetiology or pathologic-anatomic alterations.

It can be caused by direct infections, postinfectious or postvaccinal immunological processes or other (auto)immunological diseases such as multiple sclerosis or systemic vasculitis.

The clinical presentation is diverse and varies from temporary sensory deficits to persistent tetraplegia with respiratory insufficiency.

Diagnostic work-up must include a thorough anamnesis, clinical-neurological examination, neurophysiological studies, analysis of blood and cerebospinal fluid and neuroradiological investigations.

Most important is the spinal MRI: small lesions as well as large lesions throughout the extent of the cord with accompanying edema can be identified reliably.

Furthermore, neuroradiological examination can proof or rule out important differential diagnoses.

In particular in acute transverse myelitis a quick diagnostic work-up with a spinal MRI is indispensible in order to start an appropriate therapy as soon as possible.

PMID: 11765538 [PubMed - in process]