More MS news articles for January 2001

Concurrent validity of the MS Functional Composite using MRI as a biological disease marker

30 January 2001

The MS Functional Composite (MSFC), a recently developed outcome measure for MS clinical trials measuring three dimensions (ambulation/leg function, arm/hand function, and cognition), was applied to 134 patients with multiple sclerosis to study the concurrent validity, using MRI measurements as a biological disease marker.

The results were compared to correlations between the traditionally applied Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and MRI measurements in the same patients.

The assessments of MSFC and EDSS were performed in combination with brain MRI.

The researchers present the concurrent validity of the MSFC with a biological disease marker by showing correlations with MRI. Specifically, they demonstrate significant correlations with cognition and arm/hand function assessments, domains that are not well represented in the EDSS.