More MS news articles for January 2001

Friends of Mary Jane

Medical marijuana activists aren't exactly high on the federal government's plans to harvest medical marijuana in Flin Flon, Man. Seems with the northern climate, the best they can hope for is a 5% THC level.

"The government's giving us Aspirin, when at the very least we need Tylenol 3s," says multiple-sclerosis sufferer Alison Myrden, of the Medical Marijuana Mission, one of the groups behind tonight's High Times benefit at the Horseshoe.

The show is largely in aid of Neil Exall, guitarist for popular local popsters The Mercurymen, who smokes pot to relieve the pain of a chronic acid reflex disorder.

Joining The Mercurymen onstage will be a passel of local acts, including Scott B Sympathy, Wayne Omaha, the John Borra Band and Frank Nevada.