Multiple Sclerosis News for January 2001

30th Jan 2001     Threat To UK Medical Record Privacy

30th Jan 2001     Article on Richard Pryor

30th Jan 2001     Genetic Clue to Lupus - May Have Implications for MS

30th Jan 2001     New Disability Measure

29th Jan 2001     Protesters Demand PwMS Gets Med MJ Back

29th Jan 2001     Article on MS

29th Jan 2001     Corixa/Chemokine/Autoimmunity

29th Jan 2001     Cobra Drug Study

29th Jan 2001     Brazilian Actor w/MS Dies

29th Jan 2001     Article On Glial Cells

29th Jan 2001     Detecting Virus in Stem Cell Transplants

27th Jan 2001     Med MJ in Canada Too Weak

27th Jan 2001     Poser Casts Doubt on 4 Disease Theory

26th Jan 2001     Bush May Block Funds For Foetal Stem Cell Research

26th Jan 2001     Article on Modafinil & MS Fatigue

25th Jan 2001     Researchers Downplay Drug Risks

25th Jan 2001     Is FDA Approving Drugs Too Soon?

25th Jan 2001     Med MJ/Oregon

25th Jan 2001     Penn-Jersey MS Wellness and Education Center

25th Jan 2001     Disabled Men Plan To Cross US in Horse and Cart

24th Jan 2001     Stem Cell Trials By 2004

24th Jan 2001     More on reprogramming the immune system

24th Jan 2001     Breaking The Record for MS

23rd Jan 2001     Beta Interferon/NICE/Personal Story

23rd Jan 2001     Du Pre/Barenboim/New Documentary Ch.5 Feb 18

23rd Jan 2001     UK: Stem Cell Research Bill Passed

23rd Jan 2001     Americans Support Stem Cell Research

23rd Jan 2001     MS Widow Sues US

23rd Jan 2001     MS/Med MJ/1st Dose

23rd Jan 2001     Medical Records Open to Fund Raisers & Marketeers

23rd Jan 2001     Drug Costs Go Up - Hospital Care Costs Go Down

23rd Jan 2001     Promising Experimental therapy for MS

23rd Jan 2001     Positive Results from Antegren in MS & Crohns

23rd Jan 2001     Aixlie gets investment for MS vaccine trials

23rd Jan 2001     Anti-depressants/side effects

23rd Jan 2001     Ottawa: 7 month Wait for MRI

23rd Jan 2001     More on UK Stem Cell Debate

23rd Jan 2001     Regush on HHV6

22nd Jan 2001     UK Debate On Cloning Foetal Stem Cells

22nd Jan 2001     Victoria Williams/CD Review

20th Jan 2001     Maxine Mesinger Dies

20th Jan 2001     Surviving The Winter w/MS

20th Jan 2001     Belgium/MJ

20th Jan 2001     Call for MS Research in Sligo

19th Jan 2001     Low cystatin C levels in CSF as neurological disease marker

19th Jan 2001     Potential Treatment for MS and SCI

19th Jan 2001     Debate: Beta Interferon During 1st Demyelinating Event?

19th Jan 2001     Caregivers Conference Tools for Neurological Disease

19th Jan 2001     Infectious Links to MS Questioned

19th Jan 2001     Exercise Good for Depression

19th Jan 2001     More On CD45 Immune System Switch

19th Jan 2001     Even More On CD45 Immune System Switch

19th Jan 2001     Exercise Program for Women

19th Jan 2001     Misery of impotence restrictions

19th Jan 2001     London Marathon/MS Society

19th Jan 2001     Transplant Centre

19th Jan 2001     Flaxseed: tonic or snake oil?

19th Jan 2001     Kellie Martin is Readers Digest Health Hero

19th Jan 2001     Polling On Healthcare Systems

19th Jan 2001     Lyme Disease Transmission Vaccine Development

17th Jan 2001     Beta Interferon-1a Slows Progression In SPMS

17th Jan 2001     DuPre: Unpublished Recording Released

17th Jan 2001     Social Worker w/MS wins Award

15th Jan 2001     Frederick Hughes Dies

15th Jan 2001     Med MJ Problems in Nevada

13th Jan 2001     UK Community Services for PwMS Uncertain

13th Jan 2001     Molecule to Dampen Down the Immune System

13th Jan 2001     Overreliance on Imaging in Diagnosing MS

13th Jan 2001     Cannabis Derivative Study on SCI

13th Jan 2001     Court/HMO/External Appeals

12th Jan 2001     Low Cost Brain Scans

12th Jan 2001     Differentiated Stem Cells

12th Jan 2001     Aixlie Pharmaceuticals/Autoimmune Regulatory Peptide

12th Jan 2001     St. John's Wort/Depression

12th Jan 2001     Canada Appeals MedMJ Decision

12th Jan 2001     Stem Cells/Blood-Brain Barriers

12th Jan 2001     Opinion Column/Assisted Suicide

12th Jan 2001     Acorda Therapeutics

10th Jan 2001     Cop w/MS calls for legal Med MJ

10th Jan 2001     2 Genes/Regeneration

10th Jan 2001     Developing i-mune mouse

10th Jan 2001     Biogen To Double Number of Drugs in 2001

10th Jan 2001     Drs. On Strike/Canada

9th Jan 2001       MSF/Live Internet Broadcast

9th Jan 2001       Soap May Help Drugs Penetrate Blood-Brain Barrier

8th Jan 2001       Scotland: 9-12 Month Wait

8th Jan 2001       Autoimmunity May Be Caused By Normal Events

8th Jan 2001       Success in Antibody Trials For Psoriasis

8th Jan 2001       Accordant Receives e-Healthcare Award

8th Jan 2001       Growing Med MJ

6th Jan 2001       Summary of 2000 Research Progress

6th Jan 2001       MS/Sunlight

6th Jan 2001       Medicare/Clandestine Policy making

5th Jan 2001       Neuropathic Pain

5th Jan 2001       Sacral Nerve Stimulation/Urinary Retention

5th Jan 2001       Viagra Boosts Cardiovascular Nerve Activity

5th Jan 2001       CFS Drug Questioned

5th Jan 2001       Peripheral Nerve Graft/Spinal Cord Regeneration

5th Jan 2001       Year of Promise for Disabled

5th Jan 2001       TGF/Neural Stem Cells

5th Jan 2001       Genetic Discrimination

5th Jan 2001       Mutation/Autoimmune Disease

1st Jan 2001       Vatican support for placenta bank

1st Jan 2001       State Law Redefines Who Has Disability

1st Jan 2001       Quack Internet Cures Warning

1st Jan 2001       Community helps people in need

1st Jan 2001       Italian Publisher w/MS Dies

1st Jan 2001       Nebraska/Stem Cell Debate

1st Jan 2001       Dutch Program Improves Pain Assessment

1st Jan 2001       Italian Experts Back Stem Cell Research