More MS news articles for January 2001

Breaking The Record for MS

ATLANTIC, Iowa (AP) -- An Atlantic man will attempt to break the Guiness Book of Records behind the bar at Atlantic's Fireside Lounge in order to raise funds for multiple sclerosis.

Jason Wailes, 25, plans to spend 15 days behind the L-shaped bar and isn't required to drink. But the part-time bartender will need to staying power of Norm Peterson.

The record was set last year by a couple of bartenders in Herndon, Va.

Wailes will eat, sleep, work and do almost everything without leaving the bar, beginning on Jan. 29.

He'll have five-minute breaks every hour and can store them up so he can do more time-consuming things such as shower. Wailes said he will bring some items, such as a TV and video games.

"I think I can do it. I'm pretty stubborn," Wailes said.

Fireside Lounge owner Mark Foegen is asking people to donate $1 for each day that Wailes spends behind the bar. The proceeds will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Foegen said the bar raised an estimated $10,000 last year for the cause in the city of 6,000 people. This is the seventh year the bar has held a benefit for multiple sclerosis.

A former female worker at the bar was diagnosed with the disease two years ago and a total of eight people in Cass County have it, Foegen said.