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Flyin' Blind: Living On the Edge With Multiple Sclerosis

Living life to its fullest is a challenge under the best of circumstances

But when Jim Haverlock was diagnosed with a disabling, incurable disease, he used the opportunity to take stock, figure out his options, and then go for it. "M.S., MY STORY, MERCIFUL SAVIOUR" describes the internal journey that gradually led to a graceful acceptance of his situation. And along with that acceptance, a courageous determination to fight the inevitable, progressive decline.

When he was diagnosed, Jim was given three to five years to live. "M.S., MY STORY" was completed in the fourth year of that "sentence,'' and relates how an ordinary person comes to grips with the ups and downs of life. Successes and failures are tallied, faith is challenged and then renewed, and resources for the journey ahead are assessed.

Conventional medicine offered little hope for arresting MS's debilitating slide, so Jim began searching for alternative treatments, both here and abroad. And although the search for a cure is never-ending he has also learned to stop and smell the roses.

Success is measured in the joy and learning each day brings, and despite the physical limitations that complicate his life, he has spectacularly exceeded the doctor's original expectations.

"M.S., My story" details the beginning of Jim's quest, and has led to an award-winning web page that offers information and hope to others. The book is available through as well as several book stores around the country.

For more information, you can check out the website: To order the book directly ($12.95), contact Jim Haverlock, P.O. Box 728, Twisp, WA 98856, or E-mail:, or through his website:

Jim's MS Book
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