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A New Diagnostic Test
Will Show Diseases, With No Known Treatment at the Present Time, as Being "High Cortisol Diseases" Thus Opening Them up to New Therapy - The Anticortisols

Friday January 29, 1:09 pm Eastern Time

LAS VEGAS--(BW HealthWire)--Jan. 29, 1999--Steroidogenesis Inhibitors International (OTCBB:STGI - news) today announced submission of a medical manuscript that indicates a new way, "The Cortisol Chart," of measuring cortisol, the powerful immune suppressive hormone. Dr. Alfred Sapse, President of STGI is the lead author, in a collaboration with a prestigious team of French university professors and scientists. Dr. Sapse commented, "The chart would unmask, for the first time, previously unsuspected cortisol's major role in many diseases, including ones with no known treatment, thus opening them to a new therapy -- the anticortisols. In this respect, STGI believes that ANTICORT(TM), its first anticortisol drug, would play a substantial role in the treatment of these diseases.

ANTICORT(TM) has been approved by the FDA for a clinical study in an HIV positive population, whereby cortisol plays a major role in the destruction of the immune system. It is the belief of STGI that if and when approved, ANTICORT would become a strong ally of the present anti-HIV medication, by bringing back to life an immune system severely damaged by cortisol. However, submitting a manuscript for pubication does not necessarily mean that it will be accepted; any acceptance could take up to six months for publication.

STGI has already initiated contacts with major universities and research centers where "The Cortisol Chart" would be used to detect high suspected cortisol in depression (presently resistant to all medication) multiple sclerosis (MS), psoriasis and a certain form of cancer exhibiting a particulary high level of cortisol. STGI also plans to commence open clinical trials in the diseases above.

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