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How the health service works and what the new NICE guidelines mean for you

2pm 19th February 2004
Multiple Sclerosis Society

David Mercer answered questions on the health service and new NICE guidelines for MS.

A Chat Transcript is available below.

David Mercer works with the Branch and Regional Support Team at the MS Society supporting the Regional Co-ordinators and MS Society regions in their work with professionals. David provides the link between the national work the Society is doing to improve MS services and the local picture

David says this about his background: 'I have previously worked in both health and social services in various roles. I have at various times supported patients and users in accessing health and social services. I am interested in working to support people with MS to access the health and social care services they need, when they need them. The new NICE Guideline has various recommendations about improving access to services, which the Society will be promoting'

David's presentation from his talk at the MS National Centre on the same topic.

Web Chat Transcript from David's web chat.

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