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'I'd Love To Be Able To Communicate With Him'

February 23, 2004
John Sharify
Komo 1000 News

If her father were here, she'd be smothering him with kisses. A picture is all Faith has right now, so every day the 21-month-old from Puyallup kisses her favorite picture.

Her dad is in Iraq.

The Fort Lewis soldier left one month ago, leaving his daughter Brandy who's 18, and Faith and his wife Tina behind. Tina treasures the letters from Rich.

"I love you so much Tina," she reads from a letter written three weeks ago from Iraq. "Tell Brand and Faith I love them!"

"I wish I had my anniversary letter to show you," says Tina. Their wedding anniversary is Valentine's Day. When Rich and Tina married six years ago, Tina could walk. Now she can't. Her multiple sclerosis has worsened. She has a very aggressive form of M.S.

"It's real hard. I don't want to cry. But he's such a support," says Tina.

A friend of Tina's contacted me and wondered if the People Helper could give the Richardsons a helping hand. I'm asking viewers and readers, can you?

What the Richardson's need and can't afford is a computer. "I would love to be able to communicate with him and when I'm thinking of things to share my thoughts," says Tina.

The letters are nice, but they take so long to get here. And there. A computer would allow Tina to give her husband daily updates about Faith. For instance she would tell him that as we were interviewing her, Faith was kissing his picture. And misses him dearly.

"Faith. We say our prayers every night. And so she's saying prayers for him," says Tina.

Tina would also tell him that her M.S. has stabilized now that she's begun chemotherapy. But that she's always tired. There's so much to share.

A computer would allow this family to stay connected even though Rich is thousands of miles away and serving our country.

If you'd like to help Tina and Faith get their first computer or help with donations so they can get on the Internet, give John a call at 206-441-HELP.

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