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Clive Burr Trust Fund Update

Feb. 9, 2004

Iron Maiden's official web site,, has posted an update on the status of the Clive Burr Multiple Sclerosis Trust Fund, created in early 2002 to benefit former Maiden drummer Clive Burr.

Burr is suffering from multiple sclerosis a disease of unknown cause. The disorder is causing him intermittent numbness and can affect his balance. At present there is no known cure for MS, although he is helping test new drugs in the hope that his body response may contribute to a cure.

Clive joined the band at the very end of December 1979 and played on the first three albums "Iron Maiden", "Killers" and "Number of the Beast" and toured extensively with the band over this groundbreaking period before leaving in early 1983.

Maiden's latest update on Clive's Trust Fund is as follows:

"As you may have seen, last week, 'Maideneer' from the [Iron Maiden] bulletin board auctioned his special New York concert banner on Ebay to raise funds for the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund.

"Clive Burr has seen the banner posting and is really touched and wanted you to know that he sends his thanks to everyone, and the message 'Up The Irons!

"Thanks to your donations and the money raised through the Maiden's fund raising gigs at Brixton and 'Run To The Hills' single, the Clive Burr MS Trust has been able to continue to help Clive over the last year. Recent support includes the purchase of a special mobility vehicle repositioning of his bathroom downstairs so Clive can have easier access, an exercise therapy machine as well as help with medical and living expenses.

"Mobility has not been easy for Clive but nothing could have kept him from seeing Maiden when they were playing in the UK. You might have spotted him at Earls Court Arena he watched the show from a backstage balcony. Since then, unfortunately, Clive has been suffering from flu, and as you might know MS increases the symptoms and the effects can be grim. The doctors have recommended a respite break and the Trust is helping to arrange a holiday cruise which Clive is really looking forward to.

"You can make a donation to the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund by clicking here."

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