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5th February 2003

The Multiple Sclerosis Society has added a range of new information and interactive features, including an email alert service, message boards and chat sessions, to its website The site recently won the British Medical Association's 2002 Patient Information Website Award.

It is the first charity website to offer a free email alert service which automatically sends users information on topics of their choice, ranging from medical research news to fund-raising events, as frequently as they request.

The site is for people who have MS, their carers, health and social care professionals, volunteers and supporters, and others who want to know about the most common neurological condition affecting young adults in the western world.

On-line message boards now give site users the opportunity to share experiences and advice. They include ones for living with MS, the newly diagnosed, carers, young people and pen-pal seekers. Other sections offer polls on key issues, personal diaries and showcases for creative writing and art.

The site is now hosting regular on-line chat sessions with leading MS clinicians and researchers and other health professionals. Other content includes information about MS and living with the condition, progress in research, specialist information for care professionals, and MS Society services, campaigns, news and events.

Access is simple, with clear and colourful features built-in to help people with vision and dexterity problems. Large on-screen buttons lead quickly to the information the visitor wants to see.

A new inter-active 'fun site within a site' - in both animated and non-animated versions at - is out to attract people to take part in MS Society fundraising events and adventures.

The MS Society Scotland now has its own national site and the first three English regional Society sites to be launched are for Thames Valley, West Midlands and Mid-Anglia.

Said Mike O'Donovan, the Society's chief executive, "The latest site developments bring us ever nearer to a 'virtual' community for people affected by MS and help us to communicate more effectively with people both in and outside the Society. We are delighted to have won the BMA award less than a year after the site in its present format was launched."

People with MS are closely involved in the development of the site. The site uses the Rational Media content management system developed by Torchbox. Creative design is by Raven. The email alert system was developed by BSD Marketing.

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