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Talking about your MS to family, friends and colleagues

January, 2003
MS Trust

Talking about your MS to family, friends and colleagues

There is no denying that living with MS can be difficult, frustrating and at times, frightening, particularly when you are first diagnosed. It can take some time to come to terms with the fact that your life is likely to change and it is natural to grieve for what you may lose. In the initial stages, it is likely that only those who are very close to you will be aware that you have MS. Once you have had time to adjust, you may want to think about telling a wider circle of people. Choosing whether you want to do this and how you might do so can be a complex decision. This factsheet aims to provide some ideas to help you to think about these issues.

Telling friends and family for the first time

MS doesn’t only affect you – it may also impact on those around you. Broaching the subject for the first time with family and friends can be a little daunting. However, keeping things hidden can be a great strain, so it is often a relief to get things out in the open. The chances are that you will find most people to be sympathetic and supportive when they are aware of your situation.

Questions to consider Getting the support you need from family and friends

Even if your MS is common knowledge, you will still need on-going support and help from those around you. Most people have no idea what it is like to have MS and you will need to express your needs clearly so that people know best how and when to help and support you – an on-going dialogue is essential.

People you need to tell that you have MS Telling your employers and colleagues that you have MS

If you work, the chances are that you may at some stage want to tell your employers and colleagues that you have MS. This may be because symptoms are affecting your work or because you need special equipment or would like to change your working patterns.


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