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A Journey of Suffering and Endurance

Wednesday February 12, 04:41 PM
Citrus County, Fla.

"Life is what you make of it." No matter who the person may be or what their background, life twists and turns sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. A Baby Boomer's Journey (now available through 1stBooks Library) by April Hamilton is a novel about life taking constant turns for the worse.

A fictionalized account of her own life, Hamilton tells the story of Joan, born and raised in Leeds in Yorkshire, England. The story opens with the holiday season and continues through Joan's childhood. By the time Joan reaches 19, she is well on her way of fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse when she is diagnosed with heart disease. Two years later, she suffers paralysis during pregnancy that will end in her giving the child up for adoption. She meets an American man. They marry, have a son and her husband later whisks them away to the United States where they settle in Maryland. There, Joan continues to experience medical problems, which leads to the discovery that she has multiple sclerosis.

A Baby Boomer's Journey takes a winding road through darkness only to emerge from the tunnel bathed in light. Hamilton weaves a story that searches for the meaning of life and treasures the rewards at the end of the rainbow.

April Hamilton lives with her husband in Lecanto, Fla. Her dream was to write a book. She believed the story would open people's eyes to a better understanding of those afflicted by disease and touches on issues we could all find ourselves facing in today's society. "This book was written to show heartache, happiness and accomplishments despite affliction. It tries to lead others to have an open mind when judging their fellow human beings," Hamilton says. Based on her own life story, A Baby Boomer's Journey is her first book.

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