All About Multiple Sclerosis

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A review of the psychosocial aspect of multiple sclerosis

Br J Community Nurs 2000 Mar;5(3):132-8
Williamson K.
Springwell Medical Centre, Edinburgh.

The psychosocial aspects of multiple sclerosis are far-reaching and may have devastating effects on individuals and carers alike.

Issues such as the impact of uncertainty, the need to maintain hope and control, and a person's ability to adjust his/her lifestyle to the disease progression are highlighted by recent research.

The individualized nature of this chronic illness experience makes comprehensive and ongoing assessment crucial.

Evidence from practice suggests that the district nurse's contribution to psychosocial support is hindered by poor role definition.

Similarly, while the literature acknowledges the benefits of empowerment, difficulties exist in practice.

Collaboration between district nurses and clinical nurse specialists is advocated as a means of integrating best practice and clinical knowledge with community expertise.

The need for improved research methodology is identified.