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Acute Delirium, Delusion, and Depression During IFN-beta-1a Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Report

Clin Neuropharmacol 2003 Jan-Feb;26(1):5-7
Goeb JL, Cailleau A, Laine P, Etcharry-Bouyx F, Maugin D, Duverger P, Gohier B, Rannou-Dubas K, Dubas F, Garre JB.

Adverse effects of interferon (IFN) treatment are common, and efforts to minimize these reactions are of considerable importance.

IFN-beta-1a is an established therapy for patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS).

Its psychiatric side effects are debated and not yet fully established.

The authors report here the case of a patient on IFN-beta-1a therapy for MS who developed acute delirium, delusion, and depression that ceased with treatment discontinuation.

Although he had a history of recurrent major depressive disorder, his prior psychiatric illness had followed a course that was clinically independent of other signs of MS.

This observation points out psychiatric vulnerability of patients taking IFN-beta-1a therapy for MS and suggests that IFN-beta-1a may induce or exacerbate preexisting psychotic symptoms.