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German Parliament Seeks Global Cloning Ban Through UN

HAMBURG, Germany (Reuters Health) Feb 20 - Germany's lower house of Parliament, the Bundestag, on Thursday overwhelming approved a motion calling for an international ban of human cloning.

The motion calls for the German government to work "within the framework of the United Nations" toward a ban of both reproductive human cloning and therapeutic cloning.

The motion stated that both forms of cloning are not compatible with "universal" human dignity and said a UN "international convention" against human cloning is necessary.

The motion was supported by Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's SPD party and its junior coalition partner the Greens. Also supporting the motion was the major opposition party, the CDU/CSU.

Germany's other significant party, the FDP, opposed the motion. The FDP is opposed to reproductive cloning, but argued that therapeutic cloning should be allowed.

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