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Cannabis on the NHS?

Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2003

It sounds hard to believe, but cannabis could soon be prescribed by your doctor.

Within just months, the Government could announce that cannabis will be made legal and widely available for thousands of people suffering from multiple sclerosis, cancer pain and a variety of other health conditions.

Researchers are currently carrying out clinical trials on a pure form of cannabis, designed specifically for medicinal purposes.

If the results of the three year study prove successful, it could soon be approved by the Medicines Control Agency - the Government body which monitors the safety of drugs in the UK.

This could mean that doctors will be allowed to prescribe cannabis to patients later this year.

What is your reaction to this news? Do you think cannabis should be made legal to sufferers of chronic illnesses if it helps relieve symptoms?

Or, are you a firm believer that cannabis should be kept illegal whatever the circumstances.

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