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Australian's internet 'Miracle' water scam exposed

11th Feb, 2003 15:12:19
ABC Radio Australia News

An Australian internet trader who sold products claiming to control or cure illnesses such as AIDS and Multiple Sclerosis has agreed to refund all purchases.

Michael Turtle reports from the Federal Court in Canberra that legal proceedings were initiated against the man by Australia's competition and consumer commission, the A-triple-C.

"Michael Norbert Desveaux advertised on his website thirteen products that claimed to produce health benefits. He claimed one drink could control Aids and cancer and would destroy the common cold, while another would turn grey hair back to its normal colour and remove wrinkles.

"A two hundred millilitre bottle of this was on sale for almost thirty-dollars Australian."

"The A-triple-C argued Desveaux was engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct, but before the matter could go to a final hearing in the Federal Court, Desveaux agreed to the consumer watchdog's orders."

"He will now be unable to continue selling the products and must write to every customer and offer them a refund."

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