More MS news articles for February 2001

Accordant Documents Efficacy of Disease Management Programs

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Feb 15 - Accordant Health Services Inc. today reported results of an analysis showing that its disease management programs achieved significant savings for managed care sponsors and resulted in improved clinical outcomes.

Individuals with multiple sclerosis, one of Accordant's largest patient populations, exhibited convincing clinical results, it said. Among those enrolled for the greatest length of time, the number of exacerbations a leading driver of impatient costs fell almost 50%. The percentage of MS patients reporting significant depression also dropped by nearly half.

Hospital admission rates dropped 40% across all 15 disease states covered by Accordant, the analysis showed. Multiple sclerosis and lupus patients, respectively, had 50% and 60% lowered admission rates. This is important in light of studies showing that a day in the hospital costs $1000 to $2000, Accordant said.

The study data were drawn from an aggregate population of 9000 patients nationwide with complex, chronic diseases who were managed for more than 6 months.

Accordant, based in Greensboro, South Carolina, uses Internet and call-center technologies to assist patients with chronic disease.

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