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Health information Judging what's reliable

[This is a bit old now, but I missed it first time around and it still applies]

If you're going to surf the Web for health information, you have to be a skeptic. offers these tips for gauging the reliability of online health information:

And although the Web can make you a better-informed consumer, it can't replace the individualized care of a doctor. "The Web can provide a way to educate consumers about health and to link them to support groups, but it should not take the place of the care of a physician," says Dr. Edwards. "It's one thing to visit a health Web site for basic information on a condition such as diabetes mellitus. It's another to provide a Web site with a list of your symptoms (which may or may not be kept private) and expect an e-mail back that says, 'You have diabetes mellitus.'"

Health Web sites Who should you trust?

November 11, 1999

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