Multiple Sclerosis News for February 2001

28th Feb 2001     Putting Human Stem Cells In Mouse Brains

28th Feb 2001     Self Peptide/EAE

28th Feb 2001     Americans Chronic Illness Congress

28th Feb 2001     Turning Skin Cells Into Other Cells

28th Feb 2001     More On Lesions And Relapses

28th Feb 2001     Funding for 4 Med MJ Centres

26th Feb 2001     Physiotherapy/MS

26th Feb 2001     NMSS founder dies

26th Feb 2001     Freezing Babies' Stem Cells

26th Feb 2001     Backsliding on disabled rights

26th Feb 2001     Mouse With Human Brain Cells

26th Feb 2001     New Treatments For Sexual Dysfunction

26th Feb 2001     Fictional Character w/MS

26th Feb 2001     NIEHS group to study autoimmune diseases (incl. MS)

26th Feb 2001     The Biotech Business

23rd Feb 2001     Stylish Accessible Design

23rd Feb 2001     UK PwMS gets Beta Interferon Cheaper in Australia

23rd Feb 2001     Glial Cell Research

23rd Feb 2001     Nobel Laureates/Stem Cell Research

23rd Feb 2001     Cord Blood Cells vs.Fetal Stem Cells

23rd Feb 2001     Medscape On ApoE e4 Allele

23rd Feb 2001     Transplanted Stem Cell Differentiation

23rd Feb 2001     Human Drugs From Goat's Milk

23rd Feb 2001     New Med MJ Research

23rd Feb 2001     HBB1/MS

21st Feb 2001     $20 Million On Gender And Immunity Research

21st Feb 2001     More On Canadian MS/MMPs Study

21st Feb 2001     Risk of MS in Clinically Isolated Syndromes

21st Feb 2001     Review Of MS Research

21st Feb 2001     Medscape On Accordant Disease Management Programs

21st Feb 2001     Chronic Fatigue/Graded Exercise

19th Feb 2001     Clues To Autoimmunity In Women

19th Feb 2001     More On Women/Autoimmunity

19th Feb 2001     Australia: Pharmaceutical Companies

19th Feb 2001     Volunteers needed for MS walk

19th Feb 2001     Oral Copaxone

19th Feb 2001     Stem Cells/Parkinsons/Politics

19th Feb 2001     Stem Cells/Brain Repair

16th Feb 2001     Small Molecule Clinical Trials

16th Feb 2001     Brain pacemakers

16th Feb 2001     Singer/Charity Worker w/MS

16th Feb 2001     Accordant Claim Disease Management Improves Outcome

15th Feb 2001     Physiotherapy/MS

15th Feb 2001     Assistive Devices

15th Feb 2001     Pfizer Halts Neuropathic Pain Drug Trials

15th Feb 2001     Internet Health/Judging reliablity

15th Feb 2001     Seven Words

15th Feb 2001     NMSS/Learn Online/Intimacy

15th Feb 2001     Clinical Trials Website

15th Feb 2001     Railroad Ends DNA Testing

15th Feb 2001     Ski Jumper w/MS

13th Feb 2001     Sugar Creek/MS Study

13th Feb 2001     Orgasm Button

13th Feb 2001     Conquering disability

13th Feb 2001     NMSS Research Spending

13th Feb 2001     Sutton In Nascar Dash

13th Feb 2001     MSF Helps People w/MS

13th Feb 2001     NMSS walks

13th Feb 2001     Business Woman w/MS

13th Feb 2001     Minister's Book/MS

13th Feb 2001     Victoria Williams

13th Feb 2001     Opha Bingham/Author

10th Feb 2001     Researcher Salaries Benefit From MS Funding

10th Feb 2001     Truckin' For MS

10th Feb 2001     Walking For MS

10th Feb 2001     US Medical Privacy Rules

10th Feb 2001     Gene therapy for T-cell mediated autoimmunity

10th Feb 2001     MRI Doesn't Predict Relapses

10th Feb 2001     TNF Gene Associated With RA

10th Feb 2001     Human genome to go public

9th Feb 2001       New Immune System Regulator Found

9th Feb 2001       MS can be triggered by trauma

9th Feb 2001       NMSS Training Online

9th Feb 2001       Conflict of Interest Policies

9th Feb 2001       Researchers Condemn UK Policy on Genetic Testing

9th Feb 2001       Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trial

9th Feb 2001       Health websites can be unhealthy

8th Feb 2001       Urine Test/MS Progression

8th Feb 2001       UK: Cannabis Could Be Prescribed On NHS

8th Feb 2001       A personal look at MS

8th Feb 2001       NZ: MS research decision appealed

8th Feb 2001       UK: BMA Condemns Tax On Sick

8th Feb 2001       US: Disabled Benefits/Social Security Plan

8th Feb 2001       Device for women w/incontinence

8th Feb 2001       Paclitaxel Safe For Long-term Use

8th Feb 2001       UK urged to drop Viagra restrictions

8th Feb 2001       UK: Post-code Prescribing

8th Feb 2001       Talampanel

8th Feb 2001       China: Bone Marrow Transplant

8th Feb 2001       UK: NHS Called Outdated

6th Feb 2001       More From Charlie Courtauld

6th Feb 2001       MS/How To Tell?

6th Feb 2001       PwMS To Walk Across The US

6th Feb 2001       More On Ontario MRI Crisis

6th Feb 2001       Bush Sr./Neuroscience Chair

6th Feb 2001       NICE Requests MS Treatment Data

6th Feb 2001       Backlash/Stem Cell Research

6th Feb 2001       Alt.Med./NIH Database

5th Feb 2001       High Dose Rebif Approved In EU

5th Feb 2001       Frozen cells may restore function in MS

5th Feb 2001       NMSS/Wyoming MS program

5th Feb 2001       Response To MS Drug Article

5th Feb 2001       Contraversial Form Of Physical Therapy

5th Feb 2001       "Swiss Rolls" Improve MRI Scans

4th Feb 2001       NEJM/Letters On MS

4th Feb 2001       Chemotheraphy/MS

4th Feb 2001       Active Role In Health Care Decisions

2nd Feb 2001       UK Govt. Scupper Med MJ Bill

2nd Feb 2001       Is MS Inherited?

2nd Feb 2001       Human Cloning

1st Feb 2001       Cognitive Effects Of MS

1st Feb 2001       Cognitive Affects Pt.2

1st Feb 2001       Molecule Targetting T-Cells

1st Feb 2001       Vaccine/MS

1st Feb 2001       Tri-State MS Association

1st Feb 2001       Organ Scandal Threatens Research

1st Feb 2001       Ontario MRI Backlog Grows By 12,000

1st Feb 2001       Med MJ/New Mexico

1st Feb 2001       Importance of Negative Studies

1st Feb 2001       Generic Drug Makers

1st Feb 2001       Sedecim/IL-16

1st Feb 2001       Koplowitz Nominated As Woman Who Shapes Our World 2001

1st Feb 2001       Osmond Family

1st Feb 2001       10 Years Of Montel

1st Feb 2001       Cannabis shows medicinal promise

1st Feb 2001       Anti Vomiting Effects Of Marijuana

1st Feb 2001       The Year In Pot