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10 Years of Montel: A Retrospective Look at Some Of the Most Memorable Moments

On The Air Since 1991 'The Montel Williams Show' Has Aired Over 2,000 Episodes and Has Hosted Over 16,000 Guests AIRDATE: Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Wednesday January 31 11:57am
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NEW YORK, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- This season THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW celebrates ten successful years on the air with a look back on some of the most memorable interviews. Since the show's inception in 1991, over 2,000 episodes have aired with Montel interviewing over 16,000 guests. Williams' passionate and provocative approach has enabled the series to carve a special niche for itself in the arena of daytime talk shows. His commitment to making a difference is the key to Williams' success becoming the only African-American male to have a self-titled show on the air for 10 years running.

On Tuesday, February 6, THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW reflects back and provides updates on the episodes that provoked tremendous and powerful responses from viewers who were enlightened, inspired, touched or infuriated.

The commemorative episode features a videotaped package of unforgettable moments marking each year from 1991-2001 including a tearful interview with Tonya Harding's mother, coverage of the Oklahoma bombing, an interview with James Earl Ray before his death and Montel's intimate announcement that he was diagnosed with M.S. (multiple sclerosis).

MONTEL episodes that touched or changed the lives of viewers include the unforgettable moment when 20 year-old Lisa, with the support of Montel, was able to for the first time speak the truth out loud about the horrific abuse she endured when she was only 12 years-old. After the episode aired, viewers who were also victims of abuse and had shared Lisa's pain contacted the show claiming that finally someone had given them a voice.

THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW airs footage from an intriguing interview with Christina Riggs of Little Rock, Arkansas who was on death row for the murder of her two children. Montel informs viewers that Riggs was eventually put to death on May 2, 2000.

Montel recounts a powerful reunion in which two brothers Ernie and Zoltan who survived the Holocaust who were reunited after fifty-one years. THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW had previously aired a show on Holocaust survivors in which Ernie, who had appeared on the show, was recognized by his brother's neighbor in Yugoslavia who was visiting the U.S. He contacted the show with the news and THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW arranged for the brothers to reunite on the show.

Lastly, MONTEL pays tribute to the brave women who have survived brutal attacks of violence, in some cases at the hands of former loved ones.

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